SCOTUS Blocks House Democrats From Getting Trump’s Tax Returns

Earlier today the U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked the House from viewing former President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The Associated Press reported that Chief Justice John Roberts levied the hold, which gives the court further time to make an official ruling.

“Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday put a temporary hold on the handover of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to a congressional committee,” said the AP. “Roberts’ order gives the Supreme Court time to weigh the legal issues in Trump’s emergency appeal to the high court, filed Monday.”

This comes as a huge blow to the left, who could’ve been only days away from getting their hands on the highly sought-after documents.

“Without court intervention, the tax returns could have been provided as early as Thursday by the Treasury Department to the Democratic-controlled House Ways and Means Committee,” said the report.

Roberts, who oversees emergency appeals from Washington D.C., gave the committee until November 10 to respond to his ruling.

The war over the tax documents, which has been waging since 2019, took a turn in Democrats’ favor in August. Despite furious contention from Trump’s legal defense, lower appeals courts ruled that the House had “broad authority” to request the documents and that the Treasury Department should provide them with such.

“The Trump Parties contend that the Chairman’s Request exceeds Congress’s investigative powers. It does not,” wrote the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Two of those three judges were appointed by former President Barack Obama.

That same panel also showed disregard for Trump’s privacy by refusing to address his team’s concern that the House’s request for the tax returns didn’t include a promise to keep the records confidential.