RINO Rep. Mace Slams GOP For Upholding Pro-Life Legislation

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has recently drawn attention for her vocal criticism of fellow Republicans following last year’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. Labeled a Republican in Name Only (RINO) by conservatives, Mace argues that the GOP’s aggressive pro-life stance cost them critical seats in the midterms.

Mace, who identifies as pro-life, represents a pro-choice district and claims to have witnessed a significant shift in voter attitudes after Roe was overturned. During a “Fox News Sunday” appearance, she stated, “We went from being mildly pro-choice to a vast majority of voters being pro-choice after Roe v. Wade. It changed the entire electoral environment in ’22.” Mace argued that Republicans had not learned their lesson, adding that the party needs to find a middle ground on the issue of abortion.

While Mace maintains a pro-life voting record, she takes issue with GOP stances on exceptions for pregnancy due to assault or incest or that endanger the mother’s life, which she deems “extreme.” She claims these positions alienate independent voters, thereby jeopardizing electoral success. Instead, Mace suggests that the GOP focus on increasing access to birth control, improving adoption services, and addressing the lack of OBGYN doctors in rural areas to win over undecided voters.

Mace’s criticism has drawn strong reactions from pro-life organizations. Life News, a pro-life website, denounced her as a “sellout,” tweeting, “If you can’t even stand up for babies killed in abortions, you’re no better than the left.”

Furthermore, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America took issue with Mace’s position, granting her only a “B” rating. Mace countered their criticism, highlighting her experience as an assault survivor and an advocate for women in similar situations.

Despite her detractors, Mace insists that Republicans must adapt to the changing political landscape. She contends that the GOP’s inability to compromise on the abortion issue reflects a “tone-deaf” approach to voters’ concerns.

In light of these ongoing debates, the GOP must consider whether its current policies are sustainable and reflective of American values. Moreover, if Mace’s observations hold, the Republican Party may need to reevaluate its position on abortion to regain lost ground in future elections. A growing divide exists within the party, with pro-abortion RINOs like Mace clashing with staunch conservatives who seek to protect the unborn. This schism underscores the importance of a unified stance to advance the party’s agenda and ensure the long-term success of its core principles.