RI Dem Leader Wishes Death On Lindsey Graham Then Makes It Worse With ‘Apology’

Sen. Lindsey Graham is reported to have contracted COVID-19 even after being completely vaccinated. He received both doses of the Vaccine back in December, and yet after getting tested for the virus, the results came out positive.

Lindsey had recently attended a gathering at Sen. Joe Manchin’s place, and the party included other senators as well, from both Republican and Democratic parties. When Graham’s test came out positive after he felt symptoms of what felt like a sinus infection, all of the gathering attendees were then tested. So far, only Manchin has tested negative out of the lot, and the rest reports are remaining.

A natural and mannerly thing to do after hearing such a piece of news would be to pray for the health of the Senator and hope for his recovery. Still, RI Democratic Leader Kate Coyne McCoy’s insensitive remark on Twitter targeted Graham was clear proof of her uncivil nature.

This was her attempt to gain the Democrat’s attention by channeling their hate for the Republican Lindsey Graham into the statement. She later deleted the tweet due to the backlash she faced and uploaded another tweet calling it a mistake and that she regrets it, but her words did not seem regretful. She was not mourning wishing death on Graham but may regret her choice of words.

Kate has given proof of her leftist narrative through her tweet both times, and the real issue is that many such democrats do wish for the death of the Republicans, and it was very apparent when Trump got infected. All conflicts aside, empathy is a natural human trait born with misery, but the Democrats show proof of their inhumane nature at the time of crisis.