Republican Senators Show $100,000 Chinese Payment to Hunter Biden

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) appeared on the Senate floor Monday with hard evidence of the financial connections between Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party.

Johnson said that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s use of his father’s political power to “enrich himself and his family” has led to “countless” dishonest stories in the corporate press. These stories claimed that the provably true information about the president’s son were false allegations, claiming Republicans were amplifying “Russian disinformation.” He said that the media largely ignored reports during the 2020 election that were based on verified documents and witness statements. He described the coverage of Hunter Biden’s business dealings as a “classic media cover-up.”

In explaining that he intends to present additional evidence, he said the “false attacks have not deterred” him or Grassley. He then presented a receipt he said was being made public for the first time which allegedly shows that money was sent to Hunter Biden by Chinese energy company CEFC. Johnson said that CEFC is “effectively an arm of the Chinese government.”

The receipt shows CEFC sent $100,000 to Wells Fargo Clearing Services “with further credit” to Owasco, a firm owned at the time by Hunter Biden.

Grassley said that although CEFC operated “under the guise” of being a private company, it was actually part of the Chinese government. He added that Hunter and James Biden served the Chinese as the “perfect vehicle” for an inroad to U.S. politics.

Grassley said that he and Johnson planned to reveal additional documents proving other connections between Hunter Biden and the Chinese government. He said that the records they have obtained are “chocked full of irrefutable evidence” like the bank record disclosed this week.

A 2020 Senate report issued by Grassley and Johnson connected Hunter Biden to oligarchs in China, including an allegation that he “opened a bank account” that funded a “$100,000 global spending spree” by Joe Biden’s brother James and his wife, Sara Biden.

The corporate media, including the New York Times and Washington Post, has recently confirmed that the originally dismissed and censored reporting by the New York Post on the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was accurate all along.