Republican Condemns Biden’s Foreign Policy on Taiwan: It’s ‘Just Uncertainty’

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) criticized President Joe Biden’s foreign policy regarding Taiwan and China on a recent episode of Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America.”

The show’s host, Trey Gowdy, began the segment by asking Mast specifically about Biden’s recent comments that the United States would get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if China were to invade. Since the White House later stepped in to walk back Biden’s remarks, the Florida congressman condemned Biden’s foreign policy as “uncertainty.”

“What you make out of it is just uncertainty,” Mast began. “They use the term to describe the policy, they call it ‘strategic ambiguity,’ and ambiguity means uncertainty, but there is nothing strategic about the way the Biden Administration operates.”

“I think the best way I can describe them is like when a person gets in the water, they can either flail about and drown or they can stretch their arms out and swim,” he added. “Both activities, they look pretty similar, but the end result is far different. This administration takes everything that happens, and they start flailing about and drowning, and they’re taking America down with them.”

Throughout Biden’s campaign, he and his allies touted his decades of international experience as a selling point for his candidacy, but Mast noted that this process of walking back comments is not new to the president.

“You look at his 40 years of experience, whether it’s now as the president, or as the vice president or as a senator and the track record is this: he’ll go out there and say something and then right after that people are gonna have to go back after him and clean up and change and apologize for whatever it is that he said,” the Republican congressman said.

Mast went on to warn that voters have become more concerned regarding foreign policy issues such as Ukraine and the southern border as skyrocketing inflation continues to cause serious problems for the American people. According to the congressman, Americans are thinking of foreign policy in terms of how it is affecting their kitchen table issues.

“When they’re looking at foreign policy, they’re looking at what’s going on in Ukraine but when they think foreign policy right now, they’re thinking southern border. They’re thinking, why are people coming across illegally getting supplies that I can’t even find in the grocery store, and they are getting it for free. I have to pay more and more for it, increasingly,” Mast said.

“And they’re looking at it as an inflationary issue,” he added. “Why are my dollars going somewhere else that got pulled out of my pocket after I worked for 40, 50, 60 hours this week busting my tail? Truthfully, that’s the most common thread that I’m hearing from anybody whether I’m out there at the gas pump filling up my own car or walking through the grocery store with my own cart, people are talking to me about it.”

As polling indicates that Republicans are poised to retake the House in the upcoming midterm elections, Mast also promised additional oversight of the executive branch by Congress.

“One thing I’ll think you’ll see a change on foreign affairs where there will actually be an oversight subcommittee for foreign affairs to look at what happened with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, everything that went wrong there, the lies that have occurred and so many other foreign affairs issues,” Mast said. “I think you look beyond that and there will actually be a demand for the administration to come to Congress with strategy… That’s the difference, you’ll actually get strategy and answers.”