Report Sources: COVID-19 Cases In Connecticut Are Linked With Democratic Governors Holiday Party

Following allegations, a “small number” of guests at Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s holiday dinner were infected with a “breakthrough” coronavirus illness, according to sources. According to, no one in the Lamont family has been affected. Visitors were required to present documents demonstrating complete immunization status and a negative coronavirus test result, according to the research findings, nevertheless the infections occurred.

According to the investigation, the Lamonts learned about the illnesses in the week following the Dec. 11 celebration. said that the governor of the state’s communications director, Max Weiss, would not say if the Lamonts and their guests wore masks at the party. According to Weiss’ statement to the news site, there have been no positive results for either of them since the incident. Test results came back positive “a long time after their celebration.”

During the days leading up to and following the party, the governor attended large meetings. According to Weiss of WVIT-TV in New Britain, Connecticut, he chose parties where most people have had vaccinations. According to the report, Connecticut put limits on the size of indoor parties last year to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Still, no similar restrictions have been implemented for the Christmas season.

According to, Stamford and Norwalk were among the local governments that reinstated indoor mask requirements last week in response to a recent increase in the number of illnesses. Lamont, 67, is a Democrat who has served as the governor of Connecticut since January of this year.

Therefore, a political choice to place such a strong focus on vaccination in the face of fears that advancements in treatment could lower the number of immunized people proved to be detrimental in the long run. As soon as people get over the partisanship, the physicians who backed this method will be regarded as a shame in the eyes of future generations.