Report: One hundred Afghan Evacuees ‘Flagged’ For Possible Terror Ties

The evacuated people from Afghanistan undergo a rigorous vetting process before entering the US territory to look for possible ties to the Taliban or other terror groups. Some hundred have been flagged by thousands of Afghan refugees entering the US for possible links to the Terror groups or being previously deported for criminal activity.

The US State Department had promised the Afghan allies that they would evacuate the haven in the US, but at the same time, the US intelligence is complex at work to identify any red flags. According to a new report, the rising concern of the US intelligence to conduct a screening of all of the Afghan evacuees seeking refuge in the US is due to the two Afghans identified previously with some affiliation to the Terror groups and were left out in Kosovo before letting them enter the US. Out of the total 30,000 Afghan refugees, 10,000 had to undergo further screening, as reported by NBC News. Out of these 10,000, 100 were sent to Kosovo for having ties with Taliban and terror groups.

The Afghan people were evacuated in a hassle, but that did not stop the Intelligence agencies from running a complete evaluation for a possible threat from these refugees. Before releasing the refugees, either they are overseas or in the US, they are crossed through the vetting process. According to the sources stating that the evaluations are currently underway, the Afghans having fled to the US will also be sent to Kosovo and the evacuees if any derogatory information is found.

According to the State Department’s spokesperson Ned Price, all Afghans reaching the US during the evacuation process will have to go through a rigorous vetting process but what will be done to them afterward is yet to be known. Though the Biden Administration repeatedly stated to commit to admitting all those in Afghanistan helping the US during the past two decades of War into the country, Ned Price has declared that they will not be handed over Visas without the intelligence conducting a rigorous evaluation first.