Report: Kamala Harris Publicly Distances Herself From Biden As Polling Numbers Tank

According to sources, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have made fewer public appearances together since February. In the Daily Mail, Harris appeared in public with Biden 18 times in February. On February 1, the president had a 53.4% approval rating and a 34% disapproval rating. On October 25, 43% of people approved Biden’s performance at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, while 50.6% disapproved.

In September, he only appeared alongside Biden once, which coincided with Biden’s support and disapproval ratings plummeting. On August 30, the polling average of FiveThirtyEight reported that Biden’s disapproval rating had surpassed his approval rating for the first time (47.5 percent – 47.2 percent).

Biden’s lopsided poll results coincide with the Biden-Harris administration’s unfortunate decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. The unfortunate pullout started on August 15 and continued for two weeks, ending on August 31, one day after Biden’s polling average began to decline.

Though Harris has distanced herself from Biden and his dwindling poll ratings in the aftermath of the fatal Afghan departure, she boasted to CNN that she was “the last voice in the room” in counseling Biden on the Afghan evacuation.

Over the first three-quarters of his presidency, Joe Biden has slid lower in the average popularity ratings than any president since 1953. Biden’s approval rating has been low since September. “He’s well aware that it may not be politically popular or good for him,” Harris remarked at the time.

In the wake of Joe Biden’s rapidly decreasing poll numbers, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s combined appearances have decreased from 38 in February to only seven so far this month. They only appeared together twice: first in September (to commemorate 9/11) and again in October (to commemorate the unveiling of Martin Luther King’s monument). She has recently been touring throughout the country to support President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan.