Report: ‘Biden Official Confronted!’ Admin Knew Exact Time And Place Of Attack

Now that the cats out of the bag and President Joe Biden’s administration knew when and where the attack of the Kabul, Afghanistan airport was going to happen, now they don’t want to answer questions.

Reporters asked John Kirby if the Pentagon knew when and where the attack would happen that took the lives of 13 service members, why were the service members outside the gate? Kirby said that the dynamic situation and security uncertainty were a reality in Kabul when the attack and refused to answer questions about the information that may have been illegally leaked from unsubstantiated sources.

So basically, because it was an unreleased document, there’s no public opinion on the matter? What’s most important in those situations isn’t what’s said but what isn’t said. There was no denying that information was leaked. When Kirby said “illegally” revealed, it meant that the Pentagon would open an investigation to determine who leaked the information. These situations can get a bit frustrating because if no culprit is found, the story will inevitably be covered up and maybe regardless of who leaked the information.

Suppose the Biden administration trusted the Taliban as much as it seems that they do. Why didn’t they contact them and let them take care of the threat? Or maybe the Taliban allowed the ISIS-K member through security checkpoints because the Taliban was running security outside of the Kabul airport when Biden allowed the Taliban to take territory in Kabul in the first place.

It seems that Biden wanted the Taliban to have control and wasn’t concerned with the ramifications of allowing it. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has sold millions of dollars in art. The buyer hasn’t been released. Hunter’s laptop hasn’t been investigated, and Russians probably took Hunter’s hard drive to use against him and his father. It was all admitted to Hunter himself. That’s the type of President we’re dealing with. It isn’t a game, but Joe Biden keeps playing it like one.

Down the road, we’ll be able to look back at intelligence data and see what happened and why it happened. The actions of other world leaders will be on display after China has teamed up with the Taliban and Russia kept their embassy in Afghanistan. All of these things have been of great concern, and their ramifications will be felt for years to come.

If the Pentagon has information, then they need to release it. Americans aren’t playing games anymore. Too much information is out, and the White House has direct interference from Facebook to flag misinformation for them. We’re about to see the most extensive coverup of our lifetimes. Whatever our government wants hidden will remain hidden under the illusion of misinformation. Lawsuits are the only way out of it. It turns out, former President Donald Trump already has a lawsuit ongoing since he was banned from social media sites. Case law will be a significant driving factor to protect citizens from the federal government.