Rep. Scalise Says Americans Want Congress to Clean Biden’s Mess Up

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) called out the Democrats for having the wrong priorities during a time when the American people are suffering.

Scalise asserted that Americans would rather have Congress address “what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and their far-left socialist agenda have done to people” than the current attempts to distract them via the January 6th hearings and calls for gun control.

“I think most Americans are just sick and tired of the politicization that you’re seeing by the Democrats to try to change the subject,” the Louisiana Republican said. “They know what the American people are angry about.”

“The American people are angry about what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and their far-left, socialist agenda have done to people,” Scalise added. “And they wish Congress was addressing those things — not this Hollywood production, not an attempt to take away your guns. It just seems like over and over again they think they can blame Putin, they can blame anybody else.”

The GOP congressman went on to point out that the Democrats’ attempts to distract the American people won’t have the intended effect, because “the American people are smarter than that.”

According to Scalise, the midterm elections this November are going to reflect the fact that Americans are tired of the left’s radical policies and complete lack of concern over issues that affect their everyday lives.

“They figured out who’s the cause of the pain their families and our families are suffering,” he said. “And they want a change of direction… What’s coming in November is something they’re scared to death of because they only want power. They still want to shut down cities. They still want to defund the police. They still want to do the things that the American people are tired of. And the American people are going to have the final say on Nov. 8.”