Rep. Miller-Meeks: Biden Needs To Have A Strong Stance Towards China And Russia

The Sunday Night in America host, Trey Gowdy, discussed President Joe Biden’s views on cyber warfare with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. President Joe Biden made a lengthy talk on Tuesday, warning that an increase in cyberattacks by countries like Russia may result in a real battle. He remarked that in an actual global shooting war, he believes that it is more likely that a significant cyber breach would be the cause. However, Miller-Meeks acknowledged the threat that growing cyberattacks pose to the United States and the rest of the globe, but she found fault with Biden’s response.

Moreover, Meeks made a statement, and it is possible that others came to the same conclusion as well, which emphasizes the critical necessity of cybersecurity and the need to sanction those who hack, seek extortion, and profit from it. A significant cause of concern arises from this. If the administration wants to avoid a shooting clash, it must be forceful and assertive.

In reaction to President Biden’s June 16 speech to reporters, he informed the media that he had provided Russian President Vladimir Putin with a list of 16 infrastructure firms that were off-limits to an assault. Numerous individuals opposed this method, fearing it would increase attacks on established organizations. As Biden stated himself that, it would encompass sixteen distinct institutions recognized as critical infrastructure by US legislation, ranging from the energy sector to their water systems.

Furthermore, Gowdy claimed that Russia is accused of interfering with or attacking American elections, food supply, and energy sources. As a result, he posed the question: if it does not precipitate a shooting war or even a substantial response, what does? Miller-Meeks concurred, stating that if the President feels a large-scale cyber attack would result in a shooting conflict, the government must respond swiftly. Additionally, America must be steadfast in its policy against China and Russia.

Moreover, aside from interfering with food and energy supply, she reminded Gowdy that cyberattacks impact residents locally. However, she suggested and encouraged Biden to impose sanctions or trade deals on Russia, condemning his support for the Nord Stream pipeline.