Putin’s Pro-War Rally in Russia is At Odds with Reality

At this time, the war in Ukraine is approaching a full month of ongoing conflict.

Ukraine remains under siege as Russian troops invade, under the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As the war drags on, various reports claim the Russian autocrat is not pleased with how long this conflict has dragged out.

Apparently, Putin believed his troops would manage to handily take Ukraine in a matter of days. Of course, this is proving not to be the case at all. Ukraine has lasted far longer than much of the world expected them to in a war with Russia.

Towards the end of last week, the Russian president held a rally to celebrate his attacks in Ukraine and the various war crimes being committed in the nation.

Still, as Red State points out, there are many real details that remain at odds with the narrative Putin projected during this rally.

Putin’s Narrative vs. Reality

On Friday, Putin held his rally at the Luzhniki Stadium and boasted about how well things are supposedly going. The dictator claimed Russia’s troops are “liberating” Ukraine from genocide and oppression.

During his remarks at the Luzhniki Stadium, Putin continued to depict what he called Russia’s “military operation” as a success. However, several Russian military generals have lost their lives in Ukraine.

At the same time, many of the people who attended his rally were employees of the Russian government.

On social media, there were also viral videos and photographs of people leaving the Luzhniki Stadium after purchasing their tickets for Putin’s pro-war rally.

More Bad News for the Russian Regime

As Putin drags out this war in Ukraine, his country is facing various sanctions from different western countries across the globe. Likewise, western leaders warn that if the Russian regime continues on its current course, it will be effectively alienating itself from the rest of the world.

Since the different sanctions set against Russia, the nation’s currency has rapidly lost value. As Putin spoke at the Luzhniki Stadium, viral online images have shown empty grocery stores across Russia.