Proving It Should Be ‘Really Easy’ For Team Biden If Putin’s Up To ‘No Good’

Today, Ukrainians are waking up to a war with sounds of shells storming down on their historical cities. Do they not have the right to sovereignty, govern their own country, and live peacefully from the mischief of their neighboring Russia?

In Donbas, Ukraine, this has become normal within the past few days, and American media is just twisting the facts in loops. Just like the media portrayed the BLM riots as peaceful while there is video evidence of the murders and lootings, and on the other hand, truckers are being beaten and detained by security forces just for honking.

Moreover, the Ukrainian government refers to the 2014 revolt as a “liberation,” whereas the people of Donbas refer to it as a “coup.” After refusing to join a political affiliation and free trade deal with the European Union, President Victor Yanukovych was deposed. So, before people leap to judgments, can they at least try on the other shoe? Can they compel answers to complex questions?

The questions that arise are, could people foresee a scenario in which several states voted to secede if a part of the American people violently ousted a sitting US President? Is that considered an act of war? Who is the perpetrator? Is it Donbas or Kyiv? These questions must be answered in a morally coherent manner. People have all heard the phrase “no taxation without representation.” When mortars land on their front door, are the people of Donbas being represented?

Therefore when pressed for clear proof that Russia is, or was, conducting a false flag operation, Ned Price stammered and seemed bewildered, ending with the immature and nonsensical answer. Some argue that Russia should not be sending weaponry to Donbas, but is it a crime to sell arms? America is the world’s largest weapon exporter. Should the exporter be held accountable if a Mexican cartel member murders a journalist? If not, why are people sanctioning Russian corporations who sell armaments to the Donbas? The American people are entitled to more than hollow words.