Professor Accuses Senator of Inciting Violence Against Trans People

A Senate hearing on abortion descended into name-calling when a Berkeley law professor objected to a legislator’s question about men having babies. Dr. Khiara Bridges referred to “people with a capacity for pregnancy.”

This raised the question from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) that occurred to every reasonable person in the room. He logically said he wanted to “clear one thing up” and asked the professor if she meant “women.”

Her answer was textbook left speak. Bridges, who spoke as a race and reproductive rights expert, explained that “cis” women do or do not have the capacity to get pregnant. Further, she said, trans men and non-binary people are “capable of pregnancy.”

Hawley followed by asking if abortion is a “women’s rights” issue, and after a similar answer he asked what Bridges believed was at the core of abortion rights.

At that point she got personal, declaring that his questions were “transphobic.” The Berkeley professor added that the senator’s line of questioning endangers the trans community to “violence by not recognizing them.”

Now, apparently, if you dare question transgender ideology and fluidity you are opening the door to assaults. Hawley made that very point on Twitter after the hearing, posting that if you do not agree that men can get pregnant, “you are transphobic and responsible for violence.”

A clip of their exchange was viewed over 250,000 times Tuesday afternoon on Twitter.

After Hawley protested that merely posing a question does not cause violence, Bridges retorted by asking if the senator believes “men cannot get pregnant.” He, as an overwhelming majority of the population would respond — not to mention all of our ancestors — responded “no.”

Predictably, radical progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted her congratulations to Bridges for her “service.” She further used Hawley’s support for former President Donald Trump to slam his reaction to being told he was “opening people to violence.”

What Dr. Bridges told the congressional hearing undoubtedly plays well in tiny circles of radicals. But telling the nation that men can get pregnant and calling denial of that silliness an incitement of violence only cements what everyday Americans know about the left. And it’s not pretty.