Private Afghanistan Evacuation Team Criticizes Biden Admin Officials

According to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation and examined by the foundation, several requests for assistance from an American evacuation team in the closing days of the Afghanistan withdrawal were rejected by the Biden administration. In addition, according to emails acquired by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the team had reached out to senior administration officials to offer assistance in evacuating individuals from Afghanistan before the United States’ exit. However, according to the team, they were attempting to remove Americans and Afghans who were at risk of being killed from the country, but it was a complex challenge to complete on their own.

Robert Stryk, who previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration to the DCNF before August 31, claimed that Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer ignored his team’s desperate pleas for assistance in evacuating hundreds of Afghan girls as the United States withdrawal deadline approached.

According to a National Security Council spokesman, the White House and NSC received hundreds, if not thousands, of requests for support in evacuating American people, including Afghan allies, and ensuring that each request was channeled to the proper task forces for rapid action. However, the task force did not attempt to execute this plan.

For that reason, for Robert Stryk, one source of frustration was that they attempted everything possible to work within the United States government structure; they used their access to the state department, the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and elsewhere, but received nothing. Additionally, it was tough for them to work in the private sector because they looked to the United States government. Only one member of the United States government stepped up to the plate to assist the girls, and that person was Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

Subsequently, Biden’s Debacle reveals some new facts that a Private Afghan Evacuation Team was scathing of Biden’s administration for failing to evacuate distressed Afghan young girls. Biden appears to have violated human rights in this instance.