Prison’s Policies Questioned After Trans Transfer Assault Female Inmate 

A female inmate of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey has come forward with a disturbing tale of how she was physically assaulted by a biological male inmate who identifies as female. 

The alleged victim, Shakira Reed, narrated the reported attack by trans female Jermain Gibson in a recent exclusive interview with Reduxx. According to her, Gibson launched a brutal attack on her, repeatedly punching her in the head and leaving her with grievous injuries – a broken nose and two swollen, blackened eyes. 

Reed said she was so badly beaten up that she was admitted to a hospital to receive urgent medical care after which she was returned to the correctional facility’s on-site hospital unit. 

Reed believes her refusal of Gibson’s sexual advances led to the violence.

“I was attacked because I didn’t want to have sex with him,” she said to Reduxx.

According to her, she had endured weeks of sexual harassment from Gibson, involving explicit exposure as she walked past his cell.

Witnesses corroborated Reed’s story, with one describing a scene of blood “everywhere” after the fight. Another female inmate, who chose to remain anonymous, also shared her account with Reduxx. She stated that she witnessed Gibson’s ongoing harassment of Reed, adding that Gibson often adopted his deeper male voice to provoke discomfort among female inmates. 

“During the days leading up to the actual incident, he kept egging her on… we heard them down the wing, and this took place in the rec room. We could hear Shakira yelling, ‘Stop hitting me!'” she revealed.

She further expressed the fear and disbelief spreading in the facility due to these incidents. “The recent events here are just unimaginable… People need to know what this has been like for us because no one has ever come to ask us how we feel about them being here. This is misogyny within misogyny,” she said.

Despite reporting the initial harassment she was subjected to to the authorities, Reed claimed Gibson faced no disciplinary action. As punishment for the altercation, both she and Gibson were isolated from other inmates and placed in holding cells in a punitive 90-day “lockup.”

Gibson, who is currently serving a five-year minimum sentence related to robbery charges, is one of over 20 men identifying as women transferred into the women’s correctional facility. This policy is the result of radical changes in gender theory application within the prison system, which has witnessed a growing number of male-to-female transgender inmates.

In 2021, following a lawsuit by an anonymous prisoner, the state of New Jersey began implementing radical gender theory practices in its correctional system. This policy shift allowed inmates to be placed in facilities based on their gender identity, rather than biological sex. However, there have been alarming reports of abuse, highlighting the need for a re-evaluation of this approach.

Additional reports suggest that Reed’s alleged assault was not an isolated event. Since the allowance of male transfers at the women only prison, several other female inmates have spoken out about their distressing experiences and ongoing harassment by biological male inmates within the prison walls.

At the same facility, two female inmates were impregnated by a transgender inmate last year, less than a year after the policy change.