President Joe Biden Is ‘Betraying’ The Nation He Is Governing

After seeking to purge patriots, ardent Christians, and Trump supporters, the US Army will begin firing the unvaccinated immediately. At this rate, the “force” may soon resemble its 2001-2006 recruiting motto, which promised an “Army of One.” Uncle Sam’s belief that Russia would attack Ukraine shortly and China’s explicit threat to Taiwan appears to be bizarre timing.

While pleading for oil from Russia and OPEC nations, Joe Biden’s government has canceled pipelines at home and crippled the energy industry. He has lavished tens of billions of dollars in modern military weapons to the Taliban, transforming them into one of the world’s best-equipped military armies. The Biden Administration has also put pressure on hospitals and companies to eliminate unvaccinated staff, placing even more strain on physicians and nurses who are already overworked.

Moreover, Joe Biden and his Cabinet of Fools have sheltered criminals while criminalizing victims, resulting in far more of both. They plan to raise taxes on hard-working Americans while providing goodies to illegal immigrants. They’ve turned the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, and other institutions tasked with protecting Americans into weapons. In front of Russia, China, Iran, and the rest of the globe, they have purposefully prostrated America.

Furthermore, Dr. Fauci’s NIH helped establish and fund the Pandemic, which allowed them to frighten the naive, uninformed, and vulnerable and demand unprecedented mail-in voting chances. It resulted in Biden “winning” the 2020 presidential election and a year-long decline unlike any other in American history. The true epidemic is the pervasive spiritual and moral sickness plaguing far too many Americans. Jimmy Carter’s 1979 “malaise” has reappeared. Orwell’s 1984 has finally come, 38 years later.

Therefore, the Biden Administration has failed America and Americans in an epic, almost unbelievable fashion. It’s self-evident that none of this is random or the result of catastrophic stupidity. It’s all part of a bigger scheme. People may be closer to a one-world government than they realize. And it will effectively be China’s government.