President Biden’s Job Approval Drops To 50%, The Lowest Level Of His Presidency

According to a Gallup survey, President Biden’s popularity rating has dropped to 50%. It is a new low since all previous approval ratings in Gallup polls during Biden’s presidency were between 54% and 57%. According to Gallup, 50% of respondents approve of how the president is doing his job, while 45% disagree and 5% have no view.

It has already hit a high of 42% when it comes to Biden’s disapproval rating. Consequently, Biden’s popularity rating among Democrats is exceptionally high at 90%, while it is considerably lower at 12% among Republicans and somewhat in the middle at 48% among independents.

Furthermore, Gallup reports that Biden’s favor among Democrats and independents is at an all-time low. It is the first time he has received fewer than a majority of independent voters. The findings are based on telephone interviews conducted between July 6 and 21, 2021, with 1,007 people aged 18 and up from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Furthermore, the margin of sampling error for results based on a nationwide adult sample is four percentage points with 95% confidence. Calculated weighted design effects are included in all quoted margins of sampling error.

Gallup also stated that Biden averaged 53.3% job approval for the second quarter of his presidency, which spanned from April 20 to July 19. Biden’s average in the second quarter is good compared to the presidents of the last three decades. It is substantially higher than Bill Clinton’s 44.0% and Donald Trump’s 38.8% second-quarter averages and somewhat lower than George W. Bush’s average of 55.8%. With a second-quarter average of 62.0%, Barack Obama is the only other president over this period to have a considerably higher standard.