President Biden Tells 11 Ex-Trump Officials To ‘Resign’ From Military Advisory Boards

Kellyanne Conway, the president’s former senior counselor, Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, and H.R. McMaster, the former national security advisor, was all asked to resign by the committee. “I am not resigning,” Conway responded angrily to criticism. According to Conway’s statement, three former presidential personnel directors warned her that this plan violates presidential standards. She further added that it looks to be petty and political, if not entirely personal. As a result, devoted and willing public servants would be discouraged and unable to continue their service. As a result, the service academies would become increasingly politicized as well as split.

According to her, these decisions are disappointing but unsurprising given the need to divert attention away from a mainstream press that has individuals entangled in multiple self-inflicted upheavals as well as plummeting poll numbers. And an increase in new COVID cases, a dismal jobs report, a record amount of drugs entering the country through the southern border, inflation, as well as a chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan, which has abandoned hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghan allies stuck under the rule of Taliban.

Moreover, before concluding her remarks, the 13 American service personnel were killed in a terrorist attack in Afghanistan. Conway responded that they would not resign, but instead, Biden should. Other advisers expressed disagreement with the Biden administration’s proposal in their responses to the request.

On the other hand, Meaghan Mobbs finds this entire action repugnant as well as inconsistent with the Biden administration’s commitment to govern. However, it is terrible that this extraordinary institution has been exposed to and overtaken by partisan behavior that serves absolutely no purpose and helps no one. Due to Biden’s inability to perform presidential duties, he is opposing Trump’s appointments based on their appointment by Trump. He is, in people’s opinion, an incompetent fumbling fool.