Poll: Majority of Americans Don’t Care About the January 6 Hearings

It seems Americans are catching on to sensationalized media and political hoaxes, as seen by the latest poll regarding the January 6 committee hearings.

According to an ABC News poll, it found only a mere 9% of Americans are paying attention “very closely” to the January 6 televised drama show.

The whole point of the sham hearings is to try once again to bring former President Donald Trump down for crimes he’s never committed. Leftists want nothing more than for Trump to be held criminally liable for the events that occurred on January 6 when unarmed people broke into the Capitol buildings. Something for which there is zero evidence of Trump having any part.

The committee refers to itself as “bipartisan,” but anyone who is even scratching the surface of reality knows that’s not true. Even ABC’s polls showed the committee is starkly divided among party lines. For example, about 91% of Democrats want Trump to be charged with a crime he didn’t commit regarding the January 6 incident, while less than 20% of Republicans agree.

The two RINO Republicans picked for the committee were handpicked by notorious Trump-hater herself, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy sent nominees, which Pelosi swiftly rejected, in order to bring in two Republicans who have disdain for the former truth-seeking president.

In true Trump fashion, he did not hold back on rebuking the “unselected” witch hunt committee.

“There’s no clearer example of the menacing spirit that has devoured the American left than the disgraceful performance being staged by the unselect committee,” Trump said. “They’re con people; they’re con artists.”

No surprise that Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican-gone-wrong, was handpicked by Pelosi. Cheney was called out by Trump’s former advisor, Jason Miller, for deceptively mashing together a video of him to use as his testimony during the committee’s primetime hearing.

Cheney confidently spread the untruth and Miller had to set the record straight, showing just how deceiving the committee members are and the lengths they’ll go through to try and take Trump down once and for all.


It’s no wonder, at this point, that people have little to no interest in the committee hearings, which haven’t brought truth and transparency to the January 6 situation in any way, shape or form.