Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Sees Largest Drop Of Any President Since 1953

According to Gallup, Joe Biden’s popularity rating has declined 11 points in the first three-quarters of his presidency, the most for a president at this time in a term since 1953. Since 1953, this is the most incredible substantial dip in approval within the same period of a president’s reign.

President Joe Biden’s popularity rating has dropped during his first quarter in office. Between the first and third quarters of Biden’s presidency, he saw the biggest dip of any president since 1953. In his third quarter, approval ratings averaged 44.7%, down from 54% in the first.

According to a poll, 92% of Democrats approve of Joe Biden’s performance, while just 6% disagree, 4% of Republicans approve, while 94% dislike. According to the reports, Biden’s 88-point party difference in job approval is the widest of his administration from October 1 through October 19, and the survey was conducted. In addition, Biden’s support rating among independents is hovering around 34%.

Furthermore, John F. Kennedy was the last Democrat president to gain popular support between his first and third quarters, with a 2.5-point increase in approval. Barack Obama’s approval decreased 10 points between the first and third quarters, Bill Clinton lost seven points, and Jimmy Carter’s approval plummeted nine points.

According to the report, Gallup’s most recent poll of adults in the United States was from October 1 to 19, with a random sample of 823 persons over 18. For this sort of poll, the margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points, with a confidence level of 95%.