Poll: Bipartisan Majority Of Americans Have Lost Faith In Corporate Media

President Donald Trump has helped to pull back the curtain on the corporate media’s “fake news” for the last seven years and continues to fight its corruption along with the ongoing harassment coming his way from the Biden administration and the compromised FBI. A new poll indicates that a majority of Americans across the political spectrum have less faith in the fake news industry than ever.

Rasmussen Reports issued the results of the poll on Wednesday, showing that 62% of all likely voters believe the media’s bias is getting worse. Fully 82% said that the fake news being pushed on Americans is only going to become even more of a problem in the future.

With regard to political coverage, 52% of voters said they do not trust the media overall.

As readers and viewers are blasted with narrative-based journalism, they are more often left to sort out on their own what information is true or false. Younger workers at coastal corporate media outlets are becoming more invested in writing “facts” to fit their stories rather than the other way around.

Only 32% of respondents said they trust the political news they are getting from mainstream outlets. Of those who identified as Republican or conservative, 67% said they are wary of the reliability of corporate media. Among Democrats, 55% said they are trustful of the news they receive about the Biden administration and Congress.

In that the media is still believed to be in business to attract paying customers, even some stalwart liberal outlets are beginning to apparently reconsider their approach. CNN has seen its ratings fall steadily over the years after it shifted from a straight news approach to becoming a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

Under new management, CNN seems to be approaching a rebranding of some type. The network has fired some long-time progressive anchors including Brian Stelter and Chris Cuomo and could be looking to bring back viewers who want more objectivity.

Regarding recent news, only 20% of Republican voters say they trust the information they are receiving from the media about the FBI search and seizure operation at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Not surprisingly, 68% of Democrats said they believe the reporting on the raid.