Poll: 56% Of Americans Disapprove Of Direction Of Country Under Biden

The vaccine mandate’s unpopularity, the inflated economy, the disastrous Afghan withdrawal, and the drone assault that killed ten innocent Afghan civilians, including seven children, have all dragged down Biden’s poll numbers. According to a Fox News survey, 56% of respondents disapprove of how things are going in America. On the other hand, 42% of respondents approve of the scenario. According to 54% of respondents, the country is less cohesive under Biden, while 37% think it is more unified.

Biden is psychologically able to serve as President, according to 49% of respondents, while 50% say the President is trustworthy and honest. Additionally, 45% view Biden as a strong leader. The administration was evaluated as competent and effective by 51% of respondents.

The majority of Americans disapproved of the way the government handled Afghanistan. Overall, 60% disapprove of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, while 36% favor it. Sixty-five percent of Democrats approved Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan situation.

In terms of the pandemic, 55% of respondents approve of the President’s job, while 44% disapprove. Democrats approve of the President’s handling of the pandemic by an overwhelming 89 percent. In terms of the economy, just 50% approve, while 49% disapprove. Democrats approve of the economy to the tune of 86 percent. Thirty percent of respondents indicated that the economy is doing well.

50% of respondents approved of the President’s overall performance, while 49% disapproved. Individuals were questioned about their reasons for supporting or opposing the administration. 25% approved of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic among those who approved of the President’s work. While 19% believe he is doing well, 15% believe he performs better than President Trump. 9% approved Biden’s presidential behavior, and 9% approved his job performance thus far due to the economy. Finally, 8% support Biden because he “assists people.”

Moreover, 22% of those who disapproved of the President blamed Biden’s incompetence, while 19% blamed the administration’s handling of Afghanistan. Another 13% expressed dissatisfaction with the President in general. 8% disapprove of the President due to the economy, and 8% disapprove of Biden due to the vaccination requirement. Finally, 7% oppose the government due to the border situation.