Politico Projected Election Fraud May Stymie Democrats’ Chances

As voters went to the polls to decide one of the most hyped midterm elections in decades, there were new calls to be wary of election fraud. Politico warned that poll security is inundated with risks in 2022, and, amazingly, it’s the Democratic Party that is in the most peril.

That’s the same party that trumped the “most secure election in history” after accusations of misdeeds rolled in on the heels of President Joe Biden’s victory two years ago.

But now, with leftists projected to lose control of one or both congressional chambers, suddenly the threat is serious — and they are ready to cast blame.

Politico warned of six threats to be wary of, including the usual disinformation, cyberattacks on voter databases, and hacking the voting machines themselves.

The platform cautioned against possible “chaos, confusion, and unrest” that could carry on well past the closing of polling places. It cited “debunked” accusations of such activity in 2020, which of course was a “secure” election.

Interestingly, Politico claimed that even the “mere allegation of tampering” is enough to undermine faith in the results.

It flatly stated that “lies and conspiracy theories” are the threats that worry election security officials the most. These, it asserted, can “inflame mistrust” that keeps people from voting and sparks anger against election administrators.

Does the writer even remember the left’s Russia collusion hoax?

Perhaps, but the article cites concerns from social media companies and “cybersecurity researchers” over Chinese operations aimed at influencing the midterm elections.

Biden administration officials are on record claiming there is less foreign interference currently than in the 2016 presidential election. But Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly is quoted as warning Americans that the threat is ever-present.

Easterly said recently that “the current election threat environment is more complex than it’s ever been.”

That’s likely true considering the electronic nature of voting in 2022. But these concerns apparently only appear when Democrats either lose elections, such as in 2016 or are forecast to take a beating such as this year.

Either the process is secure or it is not. When Republicans question election integrity, they are a threat to the very foundations of the Republic. Democrats, however, are merely trying to protect the nation’s democratic system. The double standard could not be more obvious.