Planned Parenthood Under Fire For Denouncing Virginity As ‘Social Construct’

Planned Parenthood is facing criticism once again. This time, the controversial organization known for its pro-abortion stance has sparked outrage by dismissing the concept of virginity as a social construct rooted in patriarchal thinking.

In a recent tweet, Planned Parenthood boldly claimed, “The idea of virginity comes from outdated — let’s be real, patriarchal — ways of thinking that hurts everyone.” 

Showcasing a message that read, “Virginity is a social construct,” the tweet argues that the term is not scientifically valid and should be abandoned.

This statement immediately drew strong reactions from many as some accused Planned Parenthood of attempting to lower the age of consent or normalize pedophilia. Concerns were raised that the organization’s motive may be financial, as virgins do not contribute to their business model.

Critics wasted no time in pointing out the potential financial motives behind Planned Parenthood’s stance on virginity, with someone tweeting, “The only reason planned parenthood is anti virginity is because virgins put them out of business.”

Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan joined in the conversation, stating that the organization’s views are not surprising given that it profits from sensual activities.

These criticisms are not unfounded, given Planned Parenthood’s history of controversial statements. The organization has been widely criticized by conservatives for promoting abortion as a solution for any reason, claiming that “any reason is the right reason” in a previous tweet. 

Apart from promoting abortion, Planned Parenthood has also embraced radical leftist gender ideology, proclaiming that gender is merely a label assigned at birth.

In its promotion of gender identity fluidity, the organization encourages individuals to explore and change their gender identity as they see fit – a stance that has drawn significant backlash from critics who argue that it undermines traditional values and the significance of biological gender.

“You and only you know how you feel about your gender identity, and you get to decide what identity fits you best,” the organization said in a May tweet.

As suggested by critics, these controversial viewpoints from Planned Parenthood seem to stem from commercial interests rather than genuine concern for individuals. 

Having experienced a decline in visits for essential healthcare services such as prenatal care and cancer screening and prevention, it does appear the organization, which is kept alive by taxpayers’ funds, is on a mission to attract more patients who depend on lifelong transgender hormone treatments and young girls who have abandoned the notion of chastity.

While the organization has kept its focus on abortion services, it achieved a record-breaking level of taxpayer funding for 2021-2022, according to its annual report.