Planned Parenthood Raking in Profits from Transgender Hormones For Kids

Planned Parenthood has recently expanded its scope beyond being the largest provider in the American abortion industry to providing the country’s youth with sterilizing transgender hormones.

The abortion giant got involved in gender transistions at least as far back as 2017, and now provides transgender services in 239 clinics across 40 states.

Planned Parenthood offers sex-ed programs that promote gender fluid ideology and establishes “wellbeing centers” in public high schools. It refers children seeking surgical procedures or puberty blocking treatments to other providers, but it is directly offering kids cross-sex hormones.

The Federalist reported on how quickly Planned Parenthood begins offering hormones to kids who are confused about gender. Helena Kirschner reversed her transition after being provided testosterone by Planned Parenthood during her first visit to their clinic. She was provided the hormone treatment without any blood work or a mental health referral.

Planned Parenthood offices guarantee hormone treatments without mental health evaluations and typically tell patients they can expect to receive hormones on the same day as their first visit.

In states like California, Planned Parenthood has already provided hormones to thousands of minors. Although the organization claims that hormones are only provided to children at least 16 years old and with parental consent, that is not actually true everywhere. California law expressly allows “sensitive care” for minors that includes gender transitioning services without the consent or knowledge of parents.

There are at least 33 other states that allow some level of health care for minors without parental consent. In places where gender transitioning is deemed to be “medically necessary,” Planned Parenthood could easily provide hormones confidentially.

Medical studies indicate that between 88 and 98 percent of gender dysphoric minors return to their birth-gender identity. Children who go through gender transition have been found to be 19 times more at risk for suicide than their entire age group.

Planned Parenthood infiltrates schools across the nation to market hormone treatments to children. More than 1.2 million American studens receive affiliate sex ed programming from Planned Parenthood annually.

In some states, the programs promote abortion, the morning-after pill, and gender transitioning. Planned Parenthood essentially creates the demand it needs to sell its gender reassignment services.

Some states have enacted legislation to protect children from being sold “services” from Planned Parenthood. Federal lawmakers should maintain a vigilant attitude to restricting the ability of the Biden administration to facilitate Planned Parenthood’s mission to give gender reassignment hormones to America’s children.