Pinkerton: The Media Mobilize To ‘Defend’ Joe Biden From Afghanistan Debacle By ‘Changing The Subject’

The Mainstream Media outlets that were onto Biden over the whole Afghanistan Fiasco and left no chance to highlight his shortcomings in handling the situation are now doing all they can to change the subject.

It was well recognized and understood by the MSM that Biden has for a fact played a huge role in the entire Afghanistan debacle, and the situation could’ve been avoided if only Biden had paid close attention to the details instead of just blaming it all on Trump or taking the whole thing lightly. But the MSM has now realized that Biden’s chances for re-election have decreased considerably to only 40 percent in the 2024 presidential elections due to all the backlash he has faced all over national and international media for the Afghanistan situation. They are now using the Abortion bill passed in the supreme court as a diversion to save Biden’s face in front of the national media.

The recent abortion bill passed in Texas declares abortion as illegal past six weeks of pregnancy. The pro-choice are going crazy over it, and Biden had made his way into the presidency due to his pro-choice views and now seen everywhere over the MSM, talking against the Verdict. The September 2nd and 3rd news were flooded with highlights surrounding the abortion verdict, with an old slide played once in a while about Afghanistan.

The MSM is also escalating its efforts to conceal Biden from further backlash due to the speculations about Trump preparing to run for the 2024 presidential elections. Biden’s chances will be lowered considerably due to the Afghanistan fiasco. Instead, they are now targeting Texas law to try and bury the Afghanistan issue. Millions of Democrats calling themselves pro-choice and Biden rallying his way by defending abortion will ultimately win him the elections because it’s easier to forget something that isn’t showing on the media at the end of the day. Had he given equally as much attention to Afghanistan, inflation, crime, and the border, the situation would not have come this far for the MSM to step forward and sway away from reality.