Pelosi Sought The Help Of Religion To Defend $550 Billion In Climate Change Spending

San Francisco’s most delicate and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has shown new levels of religious exploitation. No one in all these years of Capitol Hill has ever reached the unabashed level of religious exploitation. The self-proclaimed devout Catholic, rebuked by the Archbishop of San Francisco, once referred to the late-term abortion as sacred ground, paints a context of her extent to exploit religion.

The House officially passed the Build Back Better plan, and $550 billion has been allotted for Climate Change, popularly known as global warming. It’s the Democrat’s favorite label for weather cycles. According to Biden and Pelosi, the budget allocated will not cost a dollar more, and according to Pelosi, it’s a “religious thing.” She has pretty literally involved religion in defending the $550 billion allocated for climate change spending. In her statement, she stated that we have a moral obligation to be good stewards as it’s God’s creation.

Nevertheless, religious thing or not, there is no way the legislation is paid for, and everything that Pelosi and Biden before her have been saying about the budget is just bad-faced lying. Various studies have found that the Democrats’ claims of “costs zero dollars” regarding the Build Back Better bill are complete crap. The so-called “paid for” proposal, according to the Committee for a Responsible Budget, will cost $4.79 trillion if its elements become permanent.

The liberals will never let a few pesky facts get in the way of their political lies. Some credits should be given to the Democrats for their shameless tenacity to lie. Pelosi also played the children’s card in context to the sacred ground tactic to permit on-demand abortion. It seems she will play the religion card for sugar-coating her lies. At the same time, the administration is hard at work changing the entire country into a communist state that we will no longer recognize.