Pelosi Had Priests Perform Exorcisms Of Home After Attack

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called priests to her San Francisco home to perform exorcisms of evil spirits after last year’s alleged attack on her husband by a hammer-wielding intruder.

The New York Times reported Saturday that Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra said her mother felt “really guilty” after the assault. She said that the incident “weighed really heavy on her soul.”

The younger Pelosi recounted that priests came to their home over Thanksgiving to perform an exorcism and have prayer services.

The Democratic representative was apparently distraught that the alleged intruder was looking for her when he attacked her husband Paul. She noted that it would take “three or four months before he’s really back to normal” after the incident.

Pelosi, of course, has a strenuous relationship with her Catholic faith and some church officials over her support for abortion. Father Arturo Albano of St. Vincent de Paul Church, Pelosi’s local parish, told reporters that his parish had no involvement in the rites.

Speaking to the New York Post, Albano said that to his knowledge, “no exorcism or priest services were performed at her home.”

It is possible that Pelosi went outside of her area for assistance with the exorcism. She may have had to.

Salvatore Cordileone, the Archbishop of San Francisco, barred the congresswoman from receiving Holy Communion last May. At that time, he said the banishment would remain in force “until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion.”

Like President Joe Biden, the congresswoman described herself as a “devout Catholic” despite being at odds with clear Church teachings.

Of course, there were numerous reactions after the word spread of Pelosi’s exorcism rites, but the most revealing may have come from Bill Donohue. The president of the Catholic League advised the former Speaker to get help from a psychiatrist instead.

Donohue said “the woman is positively conflicted. She wears her Catholicism on her sleeve while basically sticking her middle finger at the Catholic Church every opportunity she has.”

Pelosi certainly brandishes her faith when it is convenient, such as after the alleged attack on her husband. However, on one of the most basic Church tenets — the sanctity of all life — she aligns with those who ridicule the faith at every turn.