Pelosi: Democrats Must ‘Change Subject’ Away From Inflation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stumbled across the truth Sunday as she commented on the coming midterms on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” The Democrat declared that when she hears people discussing inflation, “we have to change the subject.”

In a strategy that is sure to fail, the congresswoman explained that next month’s election concerns should be redirected to the cost of living as opposed to soaring prices.

Addressing host Margaret Brennan, Pelosi pointed out that Europe has higher inflation rates than the U.S. This apparently is supposed to make Americans feel better about skyrocketing prices at home.

Instead, the Speaker lectured voters on the many “accomplishments” that her Democrats have allegedly made. She included prescription drug costs and energy measures, presumably referring to the grossly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act.

Which she knows is years away from whatever minor benefits may be felt by consumers.

Pelosi and President Joe Biden are virtually alone in prognostications that their party will have control of the House after next month’s midterms. Analysts believe and polls confirm the high likelihood that the GOP instead will wield the speaker’s gavel in 2023.

As for voters, survey after survey shows that inflation and the economy are at the top of current priorities. With this in mind, Pelosi commented earlier last week that Democrats need to improve their message concerning inflation.

The speaker said frankly that the party has “to message it better in the next three weeks ahead.”

Democrats responded to inflation last year by insisting that it was only “transitory,” a byproduct of the pandemic and supply chain issues. However, as the party poured trillions into an already overheated economy and watched prices escalate, the “transitory” message disappeared.

And now with gas prices creeping up again and economists warning that recession is looming over U.S. consumers, the left is scrambling to once again repackage what has been indisputably a failed administration. But they know it’s likely too late and Americans just aren’t buying it.