Pelosi Calls Minority Leader Kevin Mccarthy A ’Moron’ For Opposing Her Latest Edict

Where to begin characterizing Nancy Pelosi, who is an 81-year-old Speaker of the House, people might use mocking phrases like “BOTOX-riddled brain,” or “vodka-soaked,” and so on, when they talk about her declining cognitive state, which has been apparent for at least a couple of years. However, that would also be impolite. Aside from her Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Speaker’s hostility is directed not only at Republicans but also against members of her party who dare to challenge her. In both cases, it’s game on when San Fran Nan gets on with her contempt.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives reinstated universal mask requirements for all members despite most legislators being vaccinated. As reported by The Hill, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy correctly characterized the newest mandate as anti-science. He highlighted that the danger of reintroducing face masks is not a scientific choice. Still, instead of one was dreamt up by liberal government officials who wish to continue to live in a permanent pandemic condition.

In response to this, Pelosi referred to McCarthy as a “moron.” Following such an attitude, the reporter inquired whether there is sufficient condescension. However, according to The Hill reports, Pelosi did what Pelosi does best; she got into a waiting car and was whisked away to the Capitol outdoor climate event. People are left wondering if she is attending the same “Unity and Time for Healing” program as President Joe Biden, who frequently mumbles.

Nancy Pelosi’s overall antiquities and the Democrats frequently recall two statements of late Charles Krauthammer which stated that “Conservatives believe liberals are stupid while liberals believe Conservatives are evil.” Additionally, Ronald Reagan famously said that “the problem with their liberal friends is not that they are ignorant. It is that they believe they know so much that it isn’t true.”

However, both of the preceding insights have been self-evident to many people. Therefore, the Democratic Party today, governed by Nancy Pelosi’s iron-fist and Chuck Schumer being a puppet of the DP and Joe Biden happily taking on extreme Left organ grinding monkey, has taken on all new level anger, arrogance, and intolerance.