Partier In Chief Barack Obama Is The Poster Child For DC Crony Corruption

People gathered on Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday. He held a big party in one of his three post-presidential residences that were devoid of masks and socially remote. In addition, Barack Obama could be seen dancing with a group of people such as Erykah Badu, Rick James, and H.E.R in a video from the event. Moreover, at their house, the Former President welcomed the most elite of the wealthy. Each of them has spent the more significant part of the last year and a half pleading with people to give up their lives and livelihoods. In a manner, they had never done so before and did not do so on Saturday. Therefore, Americans are continuing to be divided by the dishonesty and false language emanating from those in President Obama’s camp.

Additionally, President Barack Obama has been constructing his Hawaii beach house on the beautiful location of the former Magnum, P.I. Mansion. However, the primary question is that how is Barack Obama, a person who has never had a steady job in his life, able to fund three and a half colossal mansions? One explanation for this is that he sold the United States of America by the pound throughout his eight years as President.

Moreover, Netflix has inked a contract with former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. It includes T.V. programs and films produced by the Obamas. Nicole Avant, Ted Sarandos’ wife, gave roughly $600,000 to Obama’s 2012 campaign. Hollywood parades Leftist drivel as entertainment, only to see it bomb at the box office and in the ratings. Furthermore, Obama’s Netflix cronyism is back in full effect. The Obama Administration was eager to give Netflix a huge free ride. Consumers with limited capacity now pay exorbitantly more for Internet service.

However, how was Netflix able to afford such extravagant generosity? What did Obama do throughout his administration to earn such expensive post-presidency gifts? Nevertheless, Obama showed a great deal of presidential favoritism toward Netflix. It was he who introduced the absurd concept of Network Neutrality. Although Net Neutrality benefits Netflix greatly, it excludes them. Streaming services such as Netflix rely on the sale of bandwidth to generate much of their revenue. How much bandwidth does Netflix consume?

Consequently, Obama’s rule on Net Neutrality benefited Netflix. Ultimately, Netflix helped Obama tremendously. Since $50 million is a lot of money. All of this corruption in Washington only serves to harm the citizens of America.