Over Two Dozen Migrants Found Dead In Texas County This Year

Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez has reported the recovery of the bodies or remains of at least 26 migrants this year, a stark reminder of the perils faced by those attempting to cross the Mexican border into the United States. 

Situated just 80 miles north of the Mexico border, this county has become a treacherous passage for migrants who seek to circumvent the U.S. Border Patrol’s immigration checkpoints by traversing through ranches.

While the circumstances surrounding these body recoveries vary, Martinez revealed that many of them are skeletal remains scattered by animals and scavenger birds, as the harsh elements and wildlife swiftly degrade human bodies.

“It doesn’t take long with the animals and the heat for a human body to decay,” the sheriff explained.

When asked about the reasons behind these fatalities, Sheriff Martinez pointed fingers at the ruthless human smugglers responsible for endangering the lives of these migrants during their attempt to cross into the United States illegally. 

“These smugglers have no regard for the value of human life. Many migrants are not prepared for the strenuous conditions they face when trying to hike in this terrain. The soft sand on the ranches makes one mile feel like three,” he lamented. 

Martinez further explained that when a migrant becomes weakened or injured due to the difficulty of the journey, the smugglers simply abandon them, leaving them to die. 

Even amid the disturbing situation, Martinez expressed gratitude that the death rate has seen a decrease compared to the previous year. By June last year, officers had recorded a staggering 55 migrant deaths. 

Per Breitbart Texas, Border Patrol agents recovered the bodies or remains of a shocking 880 migrants who lost their lives while attempting to cross the Mexican border into the U.S. during the fiscal year 2022 alone. In 2021, the number of migrant deaths stood at 568.

The stories of these lost lives underscore the urgency to address the broken immigration system and secure U.S. borders, as there are fears that the situation will worsen after the expiration of Trump-era’s Title 42 which effectively reduced the influx of migrants citing COVID concerns.