Over $10 Million Uncovered In Shady Deals By Biden Family

In a startling revelation, the House Oversight Committee has announced the findings of its investigation into the Biden family’s financial dealings. 

According to the committee’s memo released on Wednesday, the family of President Joe Biden received over $10 million from foreign nationals. The family is also accused of unethical practices as nine members were named, including Hunter Biden, Kathleen Buhle, Melissa Cohen, James Biden, Hallie Biden, Sara and three children of Biden’s son and brother.

Republicans on the committee have raised concerns about potential “influence peddling” and have accused the First family and their business associates of creating a web of companies during Biden’s tenure as Vice President. 

These companies, the committee revealed, had significant ties to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party. Aside from China, the investigation indicated that the Biden family had also engaged in business activities in Russia, Ukraine, and Romania. 

The committee’s investigation uncovered more than 20 companies associated with the Biden family and their business partners, including Hunter Biden’s associates Rob Walker and James Gillar. 

These companies were primarily established in Delaware and Washington, with some Republicans suggesting that this was an attempt to conceal the source and total amount of funds received from foreign companies.

Of particular concern to the committee were the incremental payments made to various bank accounts, which Republicans argue were made in an effort to obfuscate the true extent of the money received. 

The investigation revealed that foreign companies had transferred funds to business associates of the Biden family, indicating potential impropriety.

The House Oversight Committee also identified several companies linked to the Biden family, including Lion Hall Group LLC; Robinson Walker, LLC; Owasco P.C.; Skaneateles, LLC; Seneca Global Advisors, LLC; Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC; CEFC Infrastructure Investment (US) and Hudson West V, LLC.

The committee drew attention to CEFC, a Chinese-controlled entity headed by Ye Jianming, who was detained by the Chinese Communist Party in 2018. 

While Hunter Biden previously denied having received any funds from CEFC, the memo revealed that Hudson West V, a company created by Hunter Biden, had received a substantial wire transfer of $24 million from Ye. This transaction raised further questions about the nature of the Biden family’s financial dealings.

As the investigation proceeds, the committee remains committed to exposing any potential fraud, waste, and abuse at the highest levels of the federal government.