One Man Took 15 Seconds to Stop Mall Shooter; Uvalde Police Took 77 Minutes

It is becoming more evident that “good guys with guns” are making society safer while crime is skyrocketing.

Eli Dicken is the latest shooting hero when he neutralized a shooter in the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana. At the age of 22, the young man did what Uvalde law enforcement did not do: act and take out the threat.

The mall killer appeared armed and ready to take out as many people as possible. He was armed with a Sig Sauer 400M 5.56-caliber rifle and also two more firearms were found to belong to him in the shopping area. He also had over 100 rounds of ammo on him.

The shooter had consistently engaged in target practice at a shooting range for two years.

Details show that the situation in the mall would have been much worse if Dicken did not take action with his gun. The shooter came out of the bathroom and started shooting people with his rifle resulting in three deaths.

Dicken was around 40 yards away and waited only 15 seconds before he ultimately shot the killer and ended the spree. His quick action and the fact that he was armed allowed Dickens to save countless lives. If he had waited for the police to get there, the number of deaths would logically be much higher.

Pictures released show the food court layout and how Dicken could have seen the shooter come out of the bathroom.

In contrast, 376 law enforcement officials failed to stop a mass shooter at a school. Instead, the officers waited over an hour to go after the shooter, which resulted in many children and teachers losing their lives.

It begs the question, if teachers had been armed and equipped with proper firearm training, could the Uvalde, Texas, shooting ended differently? If contrasting with the Dicken incident, it certainly would suggest having quick return gunfire in situations like this can be the difference between life and death.

Even if the police do arrive on the scene, it usually takes several minutes and the Uvalde situation shows that police actions won’t always happen.

Dicken’s brave and quick actions, coupled that he was carrying a concealed gun, saved countless lives. Ultimately it shows that responsible gun ownership is essential for protection in modern American society.