Once Again China Uses Biden’s Own Words To Make Him Look Like A Fool

Joe Biden is a gift to conservative political analysts that keeps on giving. One of the most reasonable times in American history has never been witnessed. If anything, the author has to sort through all of the Biden news before determining which of his inane statements or actions most piques the interest as a writer. A more accurate description may be that Joe Biden is Barnie Fife’s president. Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist ruler, and his brutal allies in Beijing share that belief.

Biden only opens his mouth to shuffle his feet or lay more. During the video discussion, Arkansas Republican Gov. Hutchinson warned President Biden’s team not to let federal solutions get in the way of state ones. The government would also print and distribute 500 million quick exams. So the governor’s alternatives are constrained. President Biden’s response was vintage Biden, setting off alarms across the media. China’s propaganda agents seized at the chance offered by Biden’s wise comments. In the US presidential election, did American politicians make any promises? “I’m not going to shut down the country,” Joe Biden said during his 2020 presidential campaign. Moreover, COVID-19 has shown that similar assurances made by US politicians are fundamentally false assertions aimed to win votes. COVID-19.

Many people in the United States believed that President Joe Biden might end the epidemic if elected. It’s also worth noting that this was one of his most important ‘sources of support.’ Unfortunately, the American people are the ones who suffer as a result of the squabbling among the political parties and the employment of empty platitudes in US elections. As long as the only surviving superpower can’t develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with the public health crisis, the system and leadership of a nation are in question.

As Mike Miller colleague Sister Toldjah pointed out on Wednesday, Joe Biden has had a dreadful year. His attempts to enforce nationwide mask and immunization restrictions have met fierce opposition from governors and federal courts. He has received a great deal of criticism as a result, even though Biden’s Year of COVID is still coming to an end.