Oklahoma Education Board Says ‘No’ To Gender Record Changes

In a recent decision that strayed from the woke road, the Oklahoma State Board of Education has rejected requests from two school districts, Moore Public Schools near Oklahoma City and Cushing Public Schools, to allow students to change their gender designation on school records. This decision comes as a stance in favor of maintaining the traditional understanding of gender roles and identities within the state’s educational system.

During the board meeting, State Superintendent Ryan Walters voiced his support for this decision, emphasizing the importance of preserving common sense in schools. He stated, “What we want to do is bring common sense to schools and say, ‘Listen, we don’t need to be going back recorrecting records based on transgender ideology.’ We have two genders. Those are the genders that are set.”

Walters further expressed his concerns about external pressures, saying, “I believe we’ve got to continue to stand in line in the way of these radical leftist Biden judges that are trying to dictate this to our schools. We’re not going to allow the intimidation of our schools.”

This decision follows the state education board’s recent passing of an emergency rule preventing school districts from allowing students to change their gender on school records without the board’s explicit permission.

Addressing questions about potential future requests, Walters emphasized the board’s commitment to maintaining the status quo, stating, “We don’t want this issue being thrust upon kids. We don’t want it in the curriculum. We don’t want it in the text. We don’t want it in the novels.”

The decision comes after the Oklahoma State Board of Education voted against a school policy that did not require permission from the school board to have a student’s gender changed to their preferred one.

Gender identity, bathroom usage policies, and parental notification have been subjects of intense debate within school systems across the nation. Notably, some parents have expressed concerns that their children’s gender transitions were initiated at school without their prior knowledge or consent.

According to Parents Defending Education, over 18,000 schools nationwide, including those in New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco, have rules allowing school staff to conceal a student’s gender identity from parents.