O’Keefe Reveals Claims That Garland ‘Rolls Over’ On Trans Inmates Impregnating Female Prisoners

Former Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe’s new investigative journalism organization, O’Keefe Media Group, has just unveiled bombshell allegations that Attorney General Merrick Garland “rolls over” in response to lawsuits from female inmates who are impregnated by men masquerading as women that are allowed into women’s prisons because of the left’s radical gender ideology.

Citing claims from a Department of Justice (DOJ) prison official, the O’Keefe Media Group reports that authorities at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) put men in the same cell as women because Washington allows male inmates to abuse the system by claiming to be transgender.

In an undercover video interview, Federal Bureau of Prisons psychologist Dr. Linda Noelle revealed that the men and women in these situations “both play the victim card” — which ultimately allows them to receive taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries.

“And then they go through [American Civil Liberties Union], and then the ACLU sues the DOJ,” she said. “And the DOJ, unfortunately, under Merrick Garland, it rolls over. It doesn’t go through the courts, so they just pay people off.”

“That’s the bad thing,” she added.

Noelle describes an alleged “million-dollar baby” scheme where both the male and female federal inmates involved in a pregnancy are able to sue WCCW and receive high-dollar taxpayer-funded settlements.

One such case involved a male inmate with a history of attacking women, including his own biological daughter. The man, who changed his name to Brooke Lynn Sonia, is quoted as admitting that he is not actually transgender, and instead just wanted to target women.

“I heard a quote from him — this came from his mouth,” a source told O’Keefe Media Group. “He was talking to a young lady and told her, ‘Soon my estrogen will be out of the system. I’ll be a producer of healthy sperm again. I’m never gonna get the bottom surgery.’”

“So he intends on being a man there with full testosterone in his system,” the source said, adding that Sonia “is actively trying to make one of these million-dollar babies.”

In response to the story, a WCCW spokesperson claimed that a “common myth perpetuated about people who are transgender is that they will commit crimes… against vulnerable populations.”