Ohio GOP Senate Race Has Gotten Everyone’s Attention

This year’s midterms may very well be one of the most meaningful elections this country has ever seen.

With so many problems facing the United States, a lot is on the line. Various House and Senate races happening across the nation will determine the power balance in Congress.

In a nutshell, these races will decide whether or not the House and Senate will remain under the control of Democrats — and, by extension, Biden himself — or flip back to Republicans.

If the midterms keep Congress under the thumb of Democrats, the president will largely have a blank check, barring the few moderate Democrats who sometimes vote against his proposals.

On the other hand, if Republicans take back the House and Senate, America will have made the first turn towards withdrawing power from a president who can’t handle it.

While multiple states have current congressional elections, a recent incident involving the Ohio GOP Senate race has just gone viral, as confirmed by PJ Media.

The Clash Between Ohio Republicans Mike Gibbons and Josh Mandel

This past Friday, both Gibbons and Mandel attended a FreedomWorks-hosted debate.

However, tensions quickly heated up between State Treasurer of Ohio Josh Mandel and businessman Mike Gibbons. This happened after Gibbons accused Mandel of lacking experience in the private sector.

Mandel didn’t like this at all. He let Gibbons know that he had two different Iraq tours under his belt and wasn’t going to be told that he didn’t know what work was. By this time, both Mandel and Gibbons were standing directly in front of one another, nearly nose to nose.

At this point, the crowd was taken aback and the debate’s moderator quickly approached and tried to calm things down.

A Poor Reflection on the Republican Party?

The almost-physical spat between Gibbons and Mandel made waves on social media with people commenting, sharing their thoughts, and taking sides.

At the same time, conservative commentator J.D. Vance said Gibbons and Mandel’s Friday confrontation poorly reflected on the GOP at large. Vance also stated that Ohio Republican voters ultimately deserve better than what was seen on the debate stage.

Other leaders in Ohio GOP politics echoed these talking points. Former Ohio GOP chair Jane Timken said the display was just an “embarrassment.”

Similarly, other candidates in the Ohio Republican Senate race said the voters of their state are in desperate need of “adult leadership.” Something that’s presently lacking there.