Obama SQUANDERED Afghanistan ‘Transition’ Opportunity, Retired Army General Says

According to a retired Army general, four presidents share some blame for this week’s horrific Kabul disaster. However, retired Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard believes that one of those presidents, Barack Obama, lost an opportunity to transition out of the Asian nation over a decade ago. Moreover, Afghanistan used to be Al Qaeda’s plot to attack America and the Twin Towers. People entered for the right reasons, as Pittard recalled last week in an interview with Border Report, just two weeks before the United States commemorates the twentieth anniversary of terror attacks that killed approximately 3,000 people in New York City, which is considered to be the metro area and a western Pennsylvania field. Pittard also stated that following the 9/11 attacks, former President George W. Bush launched an operation in Afghanistan, thinking it to be a haven for terrorists. However, after Osama Bin Laden was killed, it was clear that something needed to change.

On May 2, 2011, US soldiers assassinated Bin Laden, the Saudi-born mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, in Abbottabad, Pakistan. President Biden frequently reminded Americans of the successful bin Laden mission throughout the Obama-Biden reelection campaign and victory in 2012.

As the Democrats lauded the avenging of the 9/11 victims and the revival of the US economy on campaign trips, Biden would add that Bin Laden is dead, and GM is still alive. Moreover, amid the turmoil of a second Obama term and then a Trump presidency, President Joe Biden ultimately decided to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan, which encouraged the Taliban and contributed to last Thursday’s terror attack in Kabul, which an ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for.

On Friday, President Barack Obama replied to the Kabul attacks through Twitter. In a letter to the Afghan people, he expressed his condolences to the families who had lost loved ones and those still fighting in Kabul. He also remarked that the Afghans who died are on their thoughts, many of whom stood by America and risked all in the hope of a better life. However, in Afghanistan, Barack Obama followed Lyndon Baines Johnson’s path. “Do not shoot until you have been fired upon,” was it, as did tiptoe around the opponent. Rather than Obama or Johnson delegating authority to their generals to completely obliterate and destroy a far inferior adversary, Americans become weighed down by daily improvements, including increased cost of living. Since FDR and Harry Truman, Democrats have historically been weak on foreign policy as well as war.