Obama: Nobody Understands The Border Crisis Better Than ‘Big-Hearted’ Joe Biden

On Tuesday, the former president spoke on “Good Morning America” to discuss the border crisis in Del Rio, Texas. Obama stated the problem at the Del Rio border as “heartbreaking” and the system as “dysfunctional.”

The situation at Del Rio is a reminder that additional effort is required, and Obama noted in his interview that nobody knows it better than Joe Biden. The question now is whether they will approach this problem systemically rather than responding to crises? Therefore Obama believes that every American should desire an end to that.

That must have been difficult to say, considering Joe Biden’s apparent lack of comprehension these days. He is unable to complete a sentence. Obama offers no evidence of immigration reform. He did nothing for eight years. Let us not forget that the “kids in cages” story contained in deleted tweets was, according to the Associated Press Fact Check, an Obama-era policy.

The rule of law is respected by those who enter the country illegally and hire them, but those who arrive unlawfully and employ them reject the rule of law and those who follow the law. Moreover, a queue of persons waiting patiently, diligently, and legitimately to become immigrants in America cannot be crossed by unobserved, undocumented, and uncontrolled people entering the country.

As evidenced by the C-SPAN video, Obama stated that “securing the border alone” was insufficient during that same speech. However, as the border crisis worsened earlier this month, Biden failed to provide leadership. According to CBS News, in Del Rio, Texas, a tent city was established beneath a bridge to process up to 15,000 immigrants. Moreover, according to the reports, the Mayor of Del Rio puts pressure on the federal government to do a better job as local leaders warn of impending tragedy.