Number Of Americans ‘Trapped’ In Afghanistan ‘Exceeds’ Biden Admin Claims, GOP Lawmaker Says

Biden and his administration have been lying to us about the number of Americans still stranded in Afghanistan. The number they have been repeating since last week is about 100 citizens. They have identified 201 citizens stranded in Afghanistan and suspect that there may be more unidentified citizens trapped there.

Issa’s office has communicated to Free Beacon that it has been working for the past weeks to free up to 35 US citizens in Afghanistan and is in contact with a lot more that needs to be rescued. Despite their efforts to alarm 68 GOP Offices but no success. Issa’s office stated that the White House is more aware of the real numbers than anyone else but has decided to keep it to themselves and not bring the truth to the people’s eyes obviously to save their face. Still, Issa and his team have been striving to unfold the reality. The lives of the 200 people stranded in Afghanistan are not a joke, and it is the Government’s responsibility to have been safely rescued.

Issa’s office also disclosed all the difficulties they had to deal with the State Department while rescuing the Californians from Afghanistan. The administration officials are anticipated to be overwhelmed by the number of calls and emails from congressional offices trying to evacuate the citizens. After repeated silence from them, the State Department asked Issa’s office in an email to disclose the truth to the entire nation to not rely on the Government’s assistance.

The Biden administration has not presented any concrete plan to congress on recusing the remaining citizens. The Republicans rescuing the citizens have blamed the State Department for hiding the citizens trapped in Afghanistan. Blinken, on the other hand, tried to defend the state department by stating that it only has a faint estimate of the number of citizens trapped in the war-torn country. Biden remains hesitant to address the American people and has indicated that the administration is trying its best.