Not This Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Schtick Again

Trey Gowdy, a former U.S. Representative for South Carolina, ridiculed White House Democrats for reportedly “begging news organizations” to ease up on all the negative press the Brandon administration is getting for prices at the gas pump and overall supply shortages and price inflation like America just fought a whole ass proxy war in Asia, Yael Halon reported at

While hosting Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America,” Gowdy said President Biden should try switching parties and govern as a Republican, if he wants to experience what “nonstop negative press looks like” for real, instead of complaining about these Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Cato Institute level campaign attacks on the administration in an era of perpetual election campaigning.

“Democrats complaining about media coverage? I’m sure journalists do not enjoy writing negative stories about a Democratic president, and in their defense, they have no experience writing negative stories about Democratic presidents,” Gowdy added.

He’s correct on both points:

The corporate press and hordes of amateurs with phones are vicious and relentless, finding no low too low for them to sink to in outperforming each other for who hates the Reeeeeepublican president more. And the professional journalism industry is heavily biased toward Democrats.

Donald Trump was Hitler from 2015 until forever, I suppose, the way he is forever impeached, like Nancy Pelosi, really made history or did anything good for the people at all by giving Trump a lousy grade on his report card for being president.

People would not let up on him for anything. They were picking apart everything he did and describing it as the evilest, scary, nasty thing and the weakest, deplorable, idiotic thing ever, both at the same time, the contradiction bothering pretty much no one, nor how similar it is to ritual denunciations of outgroup scapegoats by getting this, literally Hitler.

They wouldn’t even give the guy a chance. They had made up their minds and found facts to suit their prejudices that they kept up for God knows what reason and played at being politically active citizens, but they’re just going through the motions without putting their minds into it. They don’t even know what they’re doing. They’re just copying what some nasty political activists and utter brutes in the journalism profession have taught them to do.