‘Nonpeople’: Rand Paul Argues Against Federal Tax Credit for Illegal Immigrants

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Sen. Rand Paul appeared to refer to illegal immigrants as both “nonpeople” and “not legitimate” during a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday.

The Kentucky Republican spoke Wednesday about his amendment to a $104 billion coronavirus package aimed at offsetting the cost, in part by reducing fraud. His amendment would, among other things, mandate that any family claiming the child tax credit provide a Social Security number for that child.

“If you want to apply for money from the government through the child tax credit program … then you have to be a legitimate person,” Paul said on the Senate floor. “It has nothing to do with not liking immigrants. It has to do with saying, taxpayer money shouldn’t go to nonpeople.”

The senator’s office said he was discussing “fraudulent practices” where adults claim they have children for personal gain.

Paul’s team told the Daily Beast whenthe senator “spoke of ‘nonpeople,’ he was referring to literally fraudulent practices where individuals claim children that don’t exist or children they don’t have, but their tax credits increase due to this fraudulent practice. … This has nothing to do with undocumented immigrants.”

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