No Turning Society Upside Down For A Minority: DeSantis On Trans Issue

In a recent interview with CNN, Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis reiterated his stance on gender identity issues, asserting that while he respects the transgender community, he would not “turn society upside down to be able to accommodate” it.

When asked about the lives of “trans adults in the U.S.” under a potential DeSantis administration, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing the mission to keep the country together.

“In the military, it’s all about the mission first. So there’s a whole bunch of reasons why you focus on mission first. People’s individuality…you do have to check that at the door, and that’s not the only example; there’s a whole host of other examples. So I think the military culture is unique, in terms of that,” he stated.

Regarding the broader issue, DeSantis questioned the role of individuals who identify as a different gender in activities designated for specific genders. “Now, in terms of the larger issue, the question is, is what role does someone that’s a man have in women’s activities, even if they conceive of themselves to be a woman? I think it’s wrong to have men compete in women’s sports,” he stated.

Citing an example where a male swimmer Lia Thomas competed against female athletes and won a national championship, he added, “And I understand some of those men conceive of themselves differently, but it’s not fair to the girls who are competing. It’s not fair to the women athletes. The swimmers who lost that national championship to the Penn swimmer [Lia Thomas], I mean, they’ve been training, too. So I don’t think it’s good for that.”

The Florida governor also touched on the issue of shared locker rooms, expressing his disapproval of opposite-gender arrangements. While he established that he respects everyone’s rights, he said he believes it is wrong to force people to share intimate spaces with those of the opposite gender, particularly when it can lead to discomfort and privacy concerns.

“So, I would respect everybody, but what I wouldn’t do is turn society upside down to be able to accommodate, which is a very, very small percentage of the population,” he declared.

The GOP presidential candidate’s remarks come at a time when the participation of trans men in women’s sports has sparked debates about fairness and the future of women’s sports. 

Many are worried about the gender ideology that is increasingly being promoted to children in classrooms, while there is growing concern about biological women being forced to share bathrooms with biological men who claim they are women.

Taking a stand against these issues, DeSantis signed bills in May aimed at safeguarding traditional values. These laws ban gender-affirming care for minors, ban minors from attending drag shows, restrict the use of personal pronouns in schools, and designate certain bathrooms for specific genders.