Newsom Makes Unexpected Visit To Border Prompting Speculation About 2024 Run

A week after Joe Biden said he could not visit the Southern Border because “he had more important things going on,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) visited the California- Mexico border, prompting more questions about whether one of the biggest stars of the Democratic Party is secretly still considering a run for President.

While visiting a state-funded migrant center near the Imperial County border with Mexico on Monday, Newsom predictably blamed Republicans in Congress for “exploiting the situation at our border for political gain” and for failing to support comprehensive reforms.

The governor also placed blame on the federal government, saying that his state has spent nearly $1 billion working to assist immigrants over the last three years at nine facilities in Imperial, San Diego, and Riverside counties.

Newsom said that his state has been doing the federal government’s job. “But we cannot continue to absorb that responsibility.”

Immigration policy is one of Biden’s weakest areas, with a majority of the country now believing that there is an “invasion” at the Southern Border, according to an NPR poll done earlier this year.

The timing of Newsom’s visit seems questionable, especially since a statement put out from his office specifically mentions the end of Title 42, set to expire on Dec. 21., which will exacerbate the already chaotic situation at the border.

Last month Newsom told Politico that he is “all in” on Biden running for reelection and told Biden himself during a phone call on Election Day.

However, with Biden’s clearly weakening health and mental faculties, many in the media are not yet willing to give up speculating about a Newsom run.

These speculations have been fueled by the growing and open animosity between Newsom and 2024 Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Desantis.

In July, Newsom dropped $105,000 on a campaign-esque Independence Day commercial trashing Republicans, especially Ron Desantis, describing how much better it is in California and inviting all people living in Florida to leave and join him in California.

Newsom is not without issues in his own home state, however. California will likely have a $25 billion budget deficit next year, partly due to a mass exodus of people leaving the state, driven by the high cost of living.