Newsom Blames Republicans For Crisis During Border Visit

Accomplishing something President Joe Biden has not found time to do in almost two years, California Gov. Gavin Newsom visited the nation’s southern border on Monday. But it was all downhill from there as the Democrat incredibly blamed Republicans for the border crisis.

Newsom, who continually denies he is running for president in 2024 despite actions to the contrary, claimed he was there to emphasize California’s “commitment to supporting immigrant communities and the border region.”

The U.S.-Mexico border is as close to wide open as it has ever been. As many as 1,000 illegal migrants crossed into the U.S. on a single recent night, an unheard-of surge.

Biden continues to push back against former President Donald Trump’s policies that were both popular and effective. One of those protocols, Title 42, enabled the speedy expulsion of illegal migrants for pandemic reasons.

That policy, however, is set to expire in the coming days. Experts say anticipation of that change has already led to a surge of crossings along the border.

And Biden, who recently visited Arizona but avoided the border region altogether, said that the nation has “more important things going on” than millions flooding into the country.

Newsom, while admitting there is a crisis, illogically blasted Republicans and conservatives for the issue. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Democrat claimed they have “politicized” the situation. As if being invaded is not a political issue.

The governor vaguely declared that “everyone needs to get off their ideological perch and start dealing with the reality in a comprehensive manner.” He added that the GOP considers the crisis to mainly be a border security issue.

Newsom even added praise for Biden’s introduction of an ill-conceived and doomed reform package early in his presidency. And while visiting a California migrant service facility, he ripped Washington for not providing more funding to upgrade services.

This charge, incidentally, was leveled against a federal government in which his own party currently controls the White House and both branches of Congress.

On the flip side, Republicans contend that Democrats allow the virtually unchecked masses into the country as leverage for “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Immigration reform that is, of course, a poor substitute for the nation taking control of its border security.