Newsmax Contributor Says Dollar Losing Its Value Endangers The World

Newsmax contributor and retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Blaine Holt said the world could be in danger if the U.S. dollar is no longer established as the world’s foremost currency. Holt made the revelation while adding that the dollar could lose its value if China and Russia decide to trade with their own gold-backed money.

Holt, the former deputy military representative to The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), said it is time for Americans to wake up and start educating themselves about this. According to him, it isn’t a question that’s up for debate, and every American would be educated whether they like it or not.

“Amid all the crises and wars and stuff that we see, this is all camouflaging this number-one issue,” Holt told Newsmax. “If we lose the reserve world currency, which is absolutely in the crosshairs of [China’s President] Xi Jinping and [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and other countries, our lives will be so completely different,” he added.


In the wake of such events, this would mean that the U.S. dollar, widely regarded as the global economy market maker, would be worthless. Should this happen, Russia’s “top-line goal,” may have been fulfilled, according to Holt.

Holt held nothing back in his warnings against the potential threats posed by China and Russia. Suggesting that formidable allies back up their counterparts, Holt also said that President Xi Jinping of China and the members of the World Economic Forum are not at loggerheads.

Stressing the American counterpart’s unity of purpose, China’s recent move to purchase tons of gold worth billions in the financial market hasn’t gone unnoticed. This activity has been described as the Chinese government preparing for war.

Holt made a quick diversion to the COVID situation in China, calling them liars. He believes that the crematoriums have been running around the clock and the casualty numbers have been falsified. In the recent streak of Covid cases, only 50-100 cases have been reported. Holt thinks the Chinese have doctored these numbers and a restraining order should be placed on them, barring them from traveling the world.