New York Will Soon Be Facing A Lawsuit Over Its Gun Laws

Earlier this year, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) signed anti-gun legislation after the Supreme Court ruled against “may issue” laws that exist predominantly in left-wing states.

In a nutshell, the Supreme Court determined that the Second Amendment stands as a right, not a privilege in which people have to prove a need to the state in order to use it.

Therefore, Democrats got to work in pushing for new gun laws that essentially work around the court’s ruling. A key measure of the legislation Hochul legalized involved banning the carry of firearms in places of worship.

Now, New York will soon be facing a lawsuit over this.

Pushback From the New York State Jewish Gun Club
The New York State Jewish Gun Club will be suing New York on the basis that its new firearms laws are not constitutional.

While Hochul’s previously argued these measures area about protecting New Yorkers’ safety, the pro-gun Jewish organization believes its lawsuit will result in the overturn of this law.

Because of the significant amount of time that Jewish people spend in their places of worship, Hochul’s law will force them to be defenseless for significant time stretches. That could be potentially fatal, owing to the documented upticks in hate crimes against Jewish people.

Finally, the New York State Jewish Gun Club maintains that despite what Hochul and other Democrats may think about firearms, the Second Amendment is not “second class.”

More Issues With New York’s Gun Laws
Aside from barring New Yorkers from carrying firearms in places of worship, the state’s gun laws likewise require concealed carry applicants to turn over access to their social media profiles.

This is supposedly designed to get a look at the “character” of individuals seeking to conceal carry. Critics have warned it’s a backdoor way of denying concealed carry applicants the right to protect themselves.

Under the legislation Hochul signed, the majority of public and private businesses aren’t lawfully allowed to have firearms either. To many Americans, it’s very clear to see that New York’s gun laws are designed to bar as many people from concealed carry as possible.

Despite New York’s long-time status as an anti-gun state, it’s still dealing with record crime problems. Republicans have repeatedly warned that gun control regulations will only hurt lawful citizens, seeing as criminals have zero regards for these laws.

Across the nation, many conservatives are rooting for the New York State Jewish Gun Club’s lawsuit to result in a win against Hochul’s gun control.