New SF District Attorney Sweeps Woke Predecessor’s Staff Out the Door

To the victors go the spoils, and new San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins wasted no time in cleaning the house of her radical predecessor’s personnel. Fifteen of recalled progressive Chesa Boudin’s staffers are now gone out of the 25 she inherited.

The nationwide purge of leftist prosecutors and their damage continues.

Radical advocacy group Anti-Police Terror Project co-founder Cat Brooks called Jenkin’s personnel decisions “terrifying.”

Jenkins released a statement saying she made “difficult but important changes” to bring back a sense of security to the crime-ridden San Francisco area. She vowed to hold “serious and repeat offenders accountable” and enact intelligent reforms.

It is not uncommon to have prosecutors or politicians make wholesale changes upon taking office. And with Jenkins having served under Boudin before resigning to help push him out, undoubtedly some moves had to be made.

Boudin’s cardinal sin was believing in an ideology that made sense in kindergarten and college — but nowhere else. It takes a lot to be too liberal for San Francisco, but he was committed to a radical course that made even progressives realize that freedom without safety isn’t worth much.

Jenkins has no such issues. Her first meeting with her staff was described as “icy” by some present.

One notable firing was Arcelia Hurtado, the DA’s representative on the Innocence Commission. This was created in 2020 by Boudin, and Jenkins is committed to keeping it. After her firing, Hurtado tweeted that she had been the “highest ranking Latina/LGBT member” of the DA’s team. Okay.

Hurtado was the head of the post-conviction unit, which is in the process of reviewing a petition by Napoleon Brown for leniency and release from prison. He was convicted of carjacking and manslaughter.

He is also Mayor London Breed’s brother. Hurtado prosecuted his case.

Jenkins was appointed by Breed to replace the recalled Boudin and will stay in office until November. At that point she will run in a special election to determine who will finish Boudin’s term, which runs out next year.

She may face Boudin. The radical former DA has not ruled out running again for his position, which he is legally able to do. He told local media recently that he was merely the scapegoat for the city’s surge in violent crime.